Fluity Protocol is a friendly fork of Liquity Protocol on Binance Smart Chain. Fluity is committed to Liquity's vision on providing a decentralized borrowing protocol with interest-free loans, high capital efficiency, and censorship-resistant stable coins.

To show our appreciation for the Liquity community, LQTY holders and stakers will receive 25% of the Fluity token (FLTY) supply weekly over 2 years.

Fluity has the same functionalities as Liquity (opening troves to borrow FLUSD, redemption, stability pool, staking, etc.) except that FLTY rewards from stability pool and liquidity pool will be sent to a vesting contract instead of directly back to users. Users can still withdraw those rewards before fully vested, but may face a penalty for doing so.

The initial kind of collateral Fluity supports is BNB. In the future we may support other assets as well.

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