Stability Pool and Liquidity Provider Rewards

Stability Pool Rewards

Users can deposit FLUSD to Stability Pool to get both BNB gains (through liquidations of risky troves) and FLTY rewards as incentives for being early adopters.

BNB gains can be transferred either directly to users or to users' troves, while FLTY rewards will be transferred to a vesting contract, where users can either wait for 3 months to fully vest and then withdraw, or withdraw immediately with a 50% penalty (the penalty will be burnt).

Liquidity Provider Rewards

There will be 2 kinds of liquidity provider rewards: one is for BNB/FLTY PancakeSwap trading pair, another is for stablecoin pools with FLUSD.

At the initial stage, users can deposit BNB/FLTY PancakeSwap liquidity pool tokens to receive FLTY rewards, which will be continuously issued for 1 year.

The second liquidity farm is for FLUSD/BUSD PancakeSwap pair. This farm is transitory until we find the best stablecoin swap platform, which we can have a longer-term incentivization.

Later, once a stablecoin pool including FLUSD is set up, liquidity providers of this pool will also be incentivized with FLTY rewards.

Same as Stability Pool, those FLTY rewards from providing liquidity will also be transferred to a vesting contract of 3 month vesting period.

BNB/FLTY liquidity provider rewards comprises 10% token supply continuously issued for 1 year, while stablecoin LP rewards for FLUSD/BUSD pair will only last for one month with 0.5% token supply.

Staking FLTY

Users can stake FLTY to earn a pro rata share of the borrowing and redemption fees in FLUSD and BNB. For more details, check this page.

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